Mizzou vs. Texas Tech live blog

Mizzou takes on Texas Tech at 6:30 pm at Hearnes Center tonight—so hey, if you’re in Columbia, make your way out to campus and take in a volleyball match. It’ll at least be dry, I can promise that.

Texas Tech comes in at just 2-12 on the season, 0-5 in Big 12 play. The Red Raiders haven’t won a set in nearly a month—their last coming in a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Stephen F. Austin at the Tulsa Tournament Sept. 12. Their last win came Sept. 11, a 3-0 victory over Gonzaga. Since then they’ve lost seven consecutive matches.

But they have faced a lot of good competition. Their five Big 12 losses have come to Nebraska, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Baylor. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

However, as a team Tech is hitting just .140. Only one player on their roster—Amanda Dowdy—has over 100 kills (Mizzou has four—Julianna Klein, Paola Ampudia, Rosa Medrano, and Catie Wilson). Tech also has no players with over 100 digs (Mizzou has four—Caitlyn Vann, Priscilla Armendariz, Lei Wang-Francisco, and Klein).

If you were here for the Colorado match, though, you should know that just because a team is struggling doesn’t mean they can put together a good set and surprise somebody. The Tigers took their foot off the gas in the third set against CU, which the Buffs promptly came back and won. Mizzou still won the match, but it shows that the intensity has to be there set in and set out against all Big 12 competition.

A couple of fun facts about Texas Tech…

  • The 1,839 acres of campus makes Texas Tech the second-largest contiguous university campus in the United States.
  • Notable alumni include four-time WNBA champion Sheryl Swoopes, actor G.W. Bailey (Rizzo from M.A.S.H), and NFL linebacker Zach Thomas.


Starting lineup for Mizzou:

Lei Wang-Francisco

Brittney Brimmage

Caitlyn Vann

Julianna Klein

Priscilla Armendariz

Annie Lopez

Catie Wilson

Also, no sign of Truman at the game today. I guess the suit is still drying off from Thursday?

Either way, it’s time to play some volleyball.


Quick start for Mizzou. A couple of blocks by Mizzou and mishits by Texas Tech have put the Tigers up 4-2 to begin the match.


Coach Kreklow said Julianna Klein is one of the best jump-servers his team has ever had, and that’s once again apparent early in the match. She had a couple of nice serves to set up a run for Mizzou, but since then Texas Tech has gone on a bit of a run to make it 7-5.


Tech is playing tough in this first set. A couple of errors have been the difference, though—that’s why it’s 11-9 Mizzou.


Two straight aces for Catie Wilson just put the Tigers up 13-9 going into a Tech timeout.

Also, Truman is here. Either there’s a good industrial dryer on campus or there are multiple Truman suits. It’s likely the latter of the two.


ANOTHER ace for Wilson. That’s now three straight.


Jules is swinging well in the early going, but Wilson’s tough serving has set up this big run for Mizzou. 17-9 Tigers as Tech calls a timeout.


Mizzou’s run of eight straight points—seven with Wilson serving—just came to an end. But the Tigers really pulled away from Tech in that stretch, now leading 18-11.


Nice job by Mizzou to roll with Tech’s punches and come out with a 22-14 lead. Klein serving, and serving tough.


A Tech hit into the net gives the Tigers a 25-17 win in the first set.


Paola’s really swinging well to start off the second set. 7-3 Tigers as Tech calls a timeout.


Stat notes from the first set:

  • Mizzou hit .242, Tech hit .133.
  • Jules led Mizzou with five kills. Rosa Medrano was second with four.
  • The Tigers didn’t have to do a whole lot offensively—a lot of errors by Texas Tech really contributed to the scoring.


Mizzou is absolutely dominating the second set, up 16-5 as Tech calls a timeout. Ampudia has three kills to lead the way in the set.


An observation: I love watching Lei play setter. She’s sneaky—especially with that fake-set-send-it-over-the-net move that so often fools opposing teams. It’s like a pitcher throwing a really good changeup that just freezes the batter—defenses rarely have an answer for Lei’s move.

It’s now 21-10 Mizzou. Catie Wilson just notched her fourth ace of the match.


A Paola Ampudia kill gives Mizzou a resounding 25-12 win in the third set. Let’s see if Mizzou can complete the sweep.


Stat notes:

  • In the second set, Mizzou hit .467. Tech hit -.038. Yikes.
  • Ho-hum. Another match, another great hitting percentage for Catie Wilson. She’s at .667 on six attempts through two sets.
  • Caitlyn Vann has double-digit digs once again, tallying 11 so far.
  • Jules needs just two kills to post back-to-back-to-back double-digit kill totals.


It’s 5-3 Mizzou early. I neglected to mention Mizzou’s stellar hitting percentage for the match in my last update: .349. You’re not going to lose many matches when you’re hitting percentage is that good.


Another observation: Catie Wilson has such a great knack for finding open space on the court. She may not hit it as hard as Jules or Paola, but she has such a great feel for where to put the ball.

It’s 13-7 Mizzou. Crowd’s really into it.


15-8 MU as TT calls a timeout. I also made a nice catch sitting on press row on a misdirected ball from one of Tech’s players. Take that, Matt Holliday.


Tech calls a timeout down 19-9. Mizzou has absolutely dominated this match.


Paola just notched her 12th kill of the match. 23-13 Mizzou.


A Julianna Klein kill gives Mizzou a 25-15 win for the set and a sweep for the match. I’ll have postgame comments up when I get home in a little bit.


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